Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barrett Appoints Felon after Taking His Campaign Cash

Developer Defrauds Government, Appointed to Oversee Development

A Milwaukee developer convicted of defrauding the government was appointed to a key board after giving Mayor Tom Barrett $1,200 in campaign donations.

The 2004 criminal conviction came as a result of Boris Gohkman’s part in a scheme to defraud the Medicare program.

In 2008, Barrett appointed Gohkman, a real estate developer, to a Business Improvement District Board (BID).

Between the 2004 conviction and 2008 appointment, Barrett took $1,200 in campaign contributions from Gohkman.

“Less than two years after Gohkman was convicted of felony fraud, Mayor Barrett is accepting campaign cash from him,” said Chris Kliesmet of Citizens for Responsible Government.

“Talk about appointing the fox to guard the henhouse, Barrett appoints a developer convicted of defrauding the government to a board overseeing city development efforts,” said Kliesmet. “Why not give an accountant convicted of embezzlement the checkbook while you’re at it?”

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