Sunday, December 19, 2010

OpenSky Crashes Yet Again!

Mayor Barrett's Failure to Lead Plays Russian Roulette with Officers Lives

Here we go again, another miserable failure for the OpenSky radio system - the backbone of the City of Milwaukee's emergency response system.  Thursday, December 16th, the much maligned, over budget and five year late radio system - with multiple failures and abandonment in multiple cities across America, crashed for over two critical hours.

How many times must OpenSky crash before questions are asked?  How many more times will Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett roll the dice while laying down bets with the lives of police officers, firefighters, and citizens?  When will Barrett begin to understand how to lead?  When will the press begin to demand asnwers?

CRG continues to sound "alarm bells" that should be heard across the City of Milwaukee but, with the exception of Alderman Bob Donovan efforts, little is being done to hold the Barrett Adminstration accountable.  Will it REALLY take spilled blood and a funeral to wake people up?

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